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Our research-based model for Professional Learning recognises that improving the effectiveness of teaching is the way to enhance learning outcomes for more students.

Teaching rapidly improves when educators learn from each other, partnering with skilled colleagues and when teams of teachers undertake practical research on how to enhance student learning.

The Professional Learning Institute Team has a proven track record of success in developing the right Professional Learning system that is responsive to the needs of Schools and ECECs in every sector. 

Our aim is to implement a system for your school that, in time, makes us obsolete. If we aren't assisting Schools to grow their own talent and leadership to drive the program forward in a short period of time, then we're not working hard or smart enough for you. Above all, we're here to listen and respond to the unique context of your organisation. 


To optimise the Professional Learning system in your school, simply select from any of the solutions below - or we can customise a program to suit your specific needs.

Our staff couldn’t stop raving about the session on Accreditation and Maintenance run by the Professional Learning Institute - they loved the enthusiasm, honesty, and extensive knowledge and personal experience with Accreditation. Personally, I was impressed that after only a few hours all of our were staff convinced that Accreditation and the standards are not only important, but they are essential aspects of a thriving profession.
— Bianca Hewes, Head Teacher, Teaching and Learning, Manly Selective Campus, Northern Beaches, NSW.